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ProTrack Fitness Software

Make 2011 Your Healthiest Year Ever!

ProTrack Fitness Software

ProTrack is a well designed, easy-to-use software package focusing on keeping detailed records of your workouts, nutrition and personal measurements (e.g., body fat, bench press max, etc.) while letting you view, print, export or analyze this information with charts and reports on your computer.

Why use ProTrack?

ProTrack is perfect for those implementing a weight-training, cardiovascular, weight management, or any other exercise or nutrition program.

By allowing you to document and analyze your workout and nutritional information, ProTrack will motivate you to achieve new results and reach your personal fitness goals.

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ProTrack's Features

  • Easy tracking of your workouts, nutrition, and personal measurements (e.g., body weight, bench press max, etc.).
  • Keep track of your calories burned and calories consumed.
  • Use the Daily Journal to record any information that may affect your workouts.
  • View and analyze your fitness information in charts.
  • Print detailed reports of your fitness information.
  • Export your charts and reports to many popular formats for use in another program or document.
  • ProTrack Fitness SoftwareCreate workout, meal and measurement templates so complete workouts, meals and measurements can effortlessly be entered into ProTrack.
  • Choose from 100 professionally pre-designed strength training programs that can be downloaded and used with ProTrack as workout templates.
  • Print workout templates to take with you to the gym to record your workouts. When you get home, you can transfer your completed information (e.g., special notes, weights used, etc.) into ProTrack.
  • Copy your current day's workout, meal, or measurement information to multiple day's for easy planning.
  • Print blank workout, nutrition and measurement sheets to take with you anywhere to record your information.
  • Choose from a list of over 270 exercises when entering your workouts. You can also add or delete your own exercises.
  • Complete explanations on how to perform many of the exercises.
  • Choose from a list of over 7200 food items when entering your meals. You can also add or delete your own food items.
  • Keep track of over 70 nutrients.
  • Create your own recipes.
  • Set nutrition and measurement goals.
  • Set up a separate file for as many users as you like. This is perfect for fitness professionals who want to track the programs and progress of their clients or for documenting and analyzing the exercise, nutrition, and fitness goals of friends and family.

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What Users Are Saying

"I installed the update for 2008 and this software just keeps getting better! I occassionly search around to see what else is out there and Protrack is the best. It is easy to use and gives you everything you need and doesn't bog you down with things you don't."
Brian Thornton

"As the manager of a specialty fitness store I have the opportunity to see and use many different items related to fitness. ProTrack is something I personally own and use on a daily basis. It is a very effective, easy to use tool that anyone who likes to track their progress would find very useful. The charts in the program are very motivational, and are easy to see and use to show your progress. I have tried to keep training diaries before and never kept them up. With ProTrack it is much easier to use."
Ron Powell

"I find it extremely easy to use and an excellent tool in charting my progress. I have used many other fitness programs over the years but they were either too complicated, not user friendly, or gave useless information or all of the above."
Terry Squire

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